Anderson wins big at NHRA Dallas to keep Team Summit in the championship hunt

34th annual AAA Texas Fall NationalsENNIS, Texas (Oct. 20, 2019) – Winning the AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals and getting fitted in the winner’s circle for the celebratory cowboy hat is on every Mello Yello Drag Racing Series competitor’s bucket list. Greg Anderson already had four of the commemorative hats coming into Sunday at Texas Motorplex, but he really, really wanted another. He needed it, in fact, to keep his championship hopes alive. With a final-round victory over Jeg Coughlin Jr., Anderson got his wish.

34th annual AAA Texas Fall Nationals“We had a good race. I’m not quite sure anybody saw me coming today, but you just never know. You can’t give up,” said Anderson, who moved up to No. 7 in the Pro Stock points and is five rounds out of first place (99 points). Of note, the last race of the season, the NHRA Finals in Pomona, is worth points and a half.

After a tough start to the weekend, Anderson qualified in the No. 10 position despite having the quickest car of everyone in the first session on Saturday. Only one car was quicker than the red Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro through the entire second day of of the event, so the team knew they had something to work with going into raceday.

In the first round, though, Anderson had to race Team Summit counterpart Jason Line, the No. 7 qualifier. It would be the 80th time the two had raced one another, but just the sixth time they had met in the first round.

“Jason’s Summit Racing Chevy is certainly the best hot rod of the KB Racing fleet right now, and it has been for the last dozen or so races,” said Anderson. “We think he has the best chance to find a championship this year, and it was almost a no-win situation no matter which way that round was going to go. If I lose again, it’s depressing – I seem to keep losing first round in the Countdown to the Championship. If I win, then I’ve knocked out his chances for a championship this year.

“But you have to race, and every time we lock horns, we go 100 percent. Whoever wins, wins, and it doesn’t matter what the stakes are.”

Anderson launched first with a .020-second reaction time to his friendly rival’s .066, and that was the decider. Line’s silver Summit Racing Chevy clocked a quicker 6.590-second pass at 208.88 mph, but it was Anderson who advanced with a 6.597, 208.78.

“We came out here with a win, so really in the end, that’s all that matters,” said Line. “Not a good weekend for me by any stretch of the imagination, but for the KB Racing team and for Team Summit, it was good. Thankfully, Greg was able to get the win today, and along the way he helped us some with the points. So overall in our camp, a good day.”

In round two and without lane choice, Anderson rolled through the waterbox to race points leader Erica Enders. With the weight of the round upon his shoulders, the veteran Pro Stock driver came out with guns blazing and fired off a .003-second reaction time to Enders’ .030. He followed through with a powerful, low of the round 6.596, 210.05 to 6.604, 210.54.

“You just have to be perfect against her; everybody knows that,” said Anderson. “She’s the favorite right now, and to knock her out was absolutely huge. That saved the day for beating Jason first round. It kind of saved his bacon, and it saved the bacon of a lot of guys who are in the championship contention. I made a lot of friends with that one.”

Another KB Racing powered compadre was waiting for Anderson in the semifinals. Deric Kramer, the winner of the most recent event on the tour, laid down a .020 light yet still left second. Anderson was .012 at the tree, and he parlayed the advantage into a holeshot win, 6.628, 206.76 to 6.627, 208.30.

In the final, it was Anderson again with the starting line advantage – this time by .004-second – and he paired it with a 6.609, 209.75 over a 6.610, 207.56 for his third win of the season, 94th of his career, and 160th for KB Racing.

“I think after Charlotte and our first-round loss there, everybody was throwing dirt on me and saying, ‘he’s out; it’s over,’ but you can’t quit,” said Anderson. “You have to be able to take your lumps and get back up.”

Greg Anderson
KB Racing, Summit Racing Equipment Chevrolet Camaro
Points position following event: No. 7
Race results:
R1: Greg Anderson defeated Jason Line, 6.597-second at 208.78 mph to 6.590, 208.88
R2: Anderson def. Erica Enders, 6.596, 210.05 to 6.604, 210.54
R3: Anderson def. Deric Kramer, 6.628, 206.76 to 6.627, 208.30
R4: Anderson def. Jeg Coughlin Jr., 6.609, 209.75 to 6.610, 207.56

Jason Line
KB Racing, Summit Racing Equipment Chevrolet Camaro
Points position following event: No. 4
Race results:
R1: Greg Anderson defeated Jason Line, 6.597-second at 208.78 mph to 6.590, 208.88

Bo Butner
KB Racing, Jim Butner Auto Group Chevrolet Camaro
Points position following the event: 6
Race results:
R1: Bo Butner defeated Shane Tucker, 6.617-second at 208.14 mph to 6.638, 207.85
R2: Matt Hartford defeated Bo Butner, 6.625, 208.23 to 6.656, 208.42.

2019 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Pro Stock Standings
(after AAA Texas NHRA FallNationals, NHRA Countdown to the Championship race 4 of 6)

1. Erica Enders (1), 2395
2. Matt Hartford (1), 2367
3. Jeg Coughlin Jr. (1), 2330
4. Jason Line (2), 2327
5. Deric Kramer (2), 2323
6. Bo Butner (4), 2321
7. Greg Anderson (3), 2296
8. Alex Laughlin (2), 2239
9. Chris McGaha (1), 2217
10. Val Smeland, 2124

Race Info
34th annual AAA Texas NHRA FallNationals
Texas Motorplex
Ennis, Texas
October 17-20, 2019

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