Center Stage: Travis Hess

Every single thing about the art produced by Travis “Tuki” Hess is righteously far out. His most viewed pieces, though, wouldn’t fit on a wall. Tuki’s incredibly detailed custom paint and lettering has brought outrageous color and life to racecars and motorcycles, vintage and BMX bicycles, and yes, sometimes even wall signs. Hess once admitted… Continue Reading →

Center Stage: Warren Johnson

Come on. You all know this series could only be launched on the coattails of Warren Johnson and his well-blazed path. The Minnesota native is one of the most well-known and decorated drag racers of all time, and his brazen “take no bull,” sugar coat zilch,” “tell it like it is (even when it stings)”… Continue Reading →

Reaching the Summit

The NHRA Summit Racing Series championship battle took place last weekend at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where bracket racing’s cream of the crop in each of NHRA’s seven divisions stepped onto the national stage with proven equipment and firm intentions of claiming the prestigious trophy. Drivers in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, and… Continue Reading →

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