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Weekly Features are the heart and soul of The purpose of the Weekly Feature is to tell the story of a racer or an individual of significant importance in relation to a race team. These features are generally evergreen; they do not typically pertain to a specific event or circumstance, but rather to the intrinsic value of the individual at the center of the story.

Here are some samples of Weekly Features.

The Weekly Feature presenting sponsor will have their logo on a graphic just below the title of each week’s feature, so that it is the first thing their eyes see when they begin to read the feature. The logo will be clickable and direct the reader right to the presenting sponsor’s chosen location.

Here is an example, with WinLight Books used as the sample. Note that the WinLight Books logo is clickable and takes the reader to the page where they can purchase the latest book.

Additionally, each time the Weekly Feature is mentioned on WinLight News social media, the presenting sponsor will be noted and tagged, sending the potential consumer directly to the sponsor’s chosen link.

Weekly Features sponsorship is sold in five-week increments and will begin directly after the current presenting sponsorship expires.The price displayed is for one (1) five-week sponsorship.

**The price shown is an introductory offer. Purchase now to lock into this special rate for the duration of your pre-paid presenting sponsorship!**

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