What it Takes

"Jerry Haas just builds a wonderful racecar," said Joe Arrowsmith. Undoubtedly, that has been a contributing factor to the national records and final rounds the Comp Eliminator racer has been scooping up over the last few months – but it certainly isn't the whole story. It would be difficult to argue the reliability and capability... Continue Reading →

Travis Buth: Crushing It

Bracket racer Travis Buth and his 1986 Ford Mustang have had a steady relationship since the car was hauled out of storage a few years ago, and together, they have tapped into a little bit of magic at the drag strip. "We bought the car forever ago and just put it in the shed," Nineveh,... Continue Reading →

Awareness Motorsports to Take Their Stock and Super Stock Program to the Next Level

The father-and-son branch of Awareness Motorsports has been working diligently to prepare both their Stock and Super Stock Ford Mustangs for competition in 2021, and they're eying the Johnson's Horsepowered Garage Southern Sportsman Showdown at South Georgia Motorsports Park as one of their first events of the year. "We have not raced an event like... Continue Reading →

Anthony Fetch Finds a Way

True character is revealed when your back is against the wall. Anthony Fetch found himself in such a position this year, and rather than pulling the covers over his head in self-pity over the loss of a job, he got to work. For Fetch, the seasoned drag racer from Colonia, New Jersey, the answer to... Continue Reading →

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