Know the Crew: Ricky Calloway

Ricky Calloway was hand-picked by KB Racing crew chief Rob Downing to join the team and work on the Nitro Fish Racing Chevrolet Camaro driven by Pro Stock rookie Kyle Koretsky in 2020.

Calloway, who does the back-half, and KB Racing’s Dallas Glenn are the primary crew on Koretsky’s car. They’ve been with the young pilot from the licensing process in Orlando this past March on through the most recent event on the tour, the Mopar Express Lane NHRA Midwest Nationals near St. Louis.

Calloway has a familiar look, and with good reason: he has spent a lot of time in drag racing. He’s worked with Pro Stock Motorcycle champion Matt Smith, Pro Mod powerhouse Rickie Smith, and Sport Compact champ Justin Humphries. His recent experience has included time with Al Anabi Racing’s Pro Mod team, Jeff Perley, and former Pro Stock crew chief Justin Elkes, now of Modern Racing.

Yes, he’s raced – a handful of times in a Buick Grand National at a local track – but the bulk of his experience has been behind the scenes. Calloway has accumulated a load of experience in the sport of drag racing with a variety of characters and their respective temperaments. He and Koretsky, though, are both quiet and focused. With their similar steady vibes in the pit area, one would think they were longtime friends.

“I didn’t know Kyle before this year, but there’s something about this team,” said Calloway. “They’re serious, but they’re also laid back. I’ve worked with some pretty high-strung people; this is relaxing in comparison.”

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