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The appearance of Lindsay Wheelock on Instagram on February 20, 2020 might not have been on your radar – but it sure the heck shoulda been. Lindsay has a job outside the home and is mom to three little ones, wife to drag racer Dustin, and, oh yeah, the pilot of one of the Mike Alsop Racing Chevrolet COPO Camaros that you might have seen in the 2020 NHRA SAMTech.edu Factory Stock Showdown.

Fun fact that you would know if you’d been following Lindsay’s Instagram feed from the start: her husband’s dream was to have her race alongside him, and it was Dustin who set the wheels in motion when he surprised Lindsay with an entry in the Hemi Shootout at the NMCA World Street Finals last fall. Lindsay gave it a shot and said in one of her early posts, “I was hooked.”

She and her sister, Morgan, went through Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School in Gainesville, and she started this year in her father’s Dodge Demon before trading over to the COPO Camaro to race alongside Dustin in the Factory Stock Showdown.

Meanwhile, her first true love appears to be a Trans Am with an LS engine under the hood. In February, it was in the shop being fitted with a supercharger.

What can we say? It appears that the girl has a need for speed.

The cool thing about Lindsay’s Instagram is truly how transparent she is. She holds nothing back in terms of expressing the pressure of learning the craft, the exhaustion of traveling to and from races with three little kids in tow, and the absolute exhilaration with every single step forward and every milestone achieved.

Her feed is fresh and fun, but her Instagram stories are where you find the gold – those behind-the-scenes glimpses into the real world of a racer balancing a bunch of very important plates as she strives to live life to the fullest in every way. Check out her first year of racing on the ‘gram: @lindsay_wheelock.

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  1. Beautiful woman and one hell of a racer she’ll go a long way in the business with the kids in toe loving it

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