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One of the friendliest faces at the racetrack for many years belongs to Greg Boutte. He has worked in racing for a long while, and he knows firsthand what he’s dealing with when it comes to sponsor and customer relations because he’s also a veteran racer.

Legend has it that Boutte’s experience on the dragstrip originated on a bet with a friend over whose car was faster. They took it to the strip to find out, and the hook was sunk. Or set. Or lodged into his lip forevermore, if you wish.

Anyway, this fine fella was addicted, and since then he’s driven all kinds of cool stuff. His early days of racing included seat time in a ’57 Chevy, a pair of ’67 Ghetto Camaro Chevrolets, and a way-too-fast ’67 Corvette with a BB Chevy and a Clutch Flight transmission that shifted like an automatic. Wuh-bam, ladies and gentleman.

His racing experience only continued to expand from there, and today he can be found at many events proudly flying the colors of his hard-earned sponsors, including B’laster Corporation, the makers of famed PB B’laster penetrant and pro-grade products.

If you’re not following @gregmboutte on Instagram, whew boy are you missing out! He’s got all kinds of cool behind-the-scenes photos and videos, plus, the man is entertaining – he’ll sit down and talk, and it isn’t because he likes to listen to the sound of his own voice. Boutte very clearly wants to continue to grow the sport of drag racing, and he’s using his platform to do it.

His latest adventure is one that is dialed right into helping fellow racers. The first episode of his “Did You Know” series launches today, and it’s all about how to get sponsors and, just as importantly, how to keep them. He’ll be sharing his personal experience and looking for your thoughts and comments. Be sure to give him a follow: @gregmboutte

Scroll down for a fun little bit of Boutte trivia that you probably didn’t know.

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