Veteran racer and announcer Joe Castello to call the action at the Southern Sportsman Showdown

Joe Castello brings a lot to the table with his well-versed style and a distinct voice recognized throughout Motorsports. From March 19-21, the creator and host of the WFO Radio podcast will function as an integral part of the Johnson’s Horsepowered Garage Southern Sportsman Showdown at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Fans in the stands and viewers of the livestream will be treated to Castello’s skilled delivery of on-track happenings at the eagerly anticipated event that caters solely to Stock and Super Stock racers.

“I’m super excited to be part of an event that puts these racers in the spotlight with a chance for some really big money,” said Castello. “I love it. We’re in this ‘golden time’ of drag racing, and maybe people don’t realize that, but we’re seeing individual classes promoted, along with individual racers, and they’re getting the love that they’re worthy of. It’s really exciting to see so many people who share the same passion come together for an event like this.”

Castello started announcing bracket races as a 17-year-old, and he has been part of the NHRA national event announcing staff since iconic voice-man Bob Frey retired at the conclusion of 2012. Due to the many hours that he’s spent in the announcer’s booth and traversing the pits at NHRA events, Castello has a deep understanding of Stock and Super Stock and an appreciation for the racers who compete in the categories.

Just as importantly, he also understands the racer on a personal level. Castello has been an NHRA-licensed bracket racer since his youth. He has three track championships and earned an 11th place finish in the points at the prestigious Moroso 5-Day Bracket Race.

“I’m part of the crowd that just loves racing,” Castello said. “We’re at the track first thing in the morning because we want to see that first pair go down the track. These Stock and Super Stock racers are the backbone of [the sport], and events like this can only do great things for them.”

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