Warren Johnson Book Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the upcoming release of the book, “Warren ‘The Professor’ Johnson: The Cars, People, & Wins Behind His Pro Stock Success,” as answered by Warren Johnson Racing:

When will the book be released?
The release date is subject to change (and has changed) in direct response to unforeseen printing and shipping delays outside of the publisher’s control. The scheduled release date is May 20, 2021.

Can the book be pre-ordered?
Yes! The link we have been sharing to pre-order the book is here: WJBook Pre-order. However, this book can be pre-ordered through any number of booksellers and will ship on the release date (scheduled release date is May 20, 2021). You may wish to check with your local independent bookseller to pre-order this book and support small businesses in your community. You will be able to order the book directly from the publisher via CarTechBooks.com once it is released, or you can pre-order through a larger retail bookseller such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Books A Million.

If I pre-ordered, when will I receive the book?
Typically, the bookseller ships the book on the actual release date, so the date you receive the book will be after it is released and depend upon the shipping method you have selected when purchasing.

Will I be charged for the book before it is released?
That is up to the individual bookseller; however, Amazon does not charge for the book or hold funds until the release date. Please check with your bookseller to better understand the pre-order terms.

How do I get a signed copy of the book?
WJ autographed a limited number of books which will be exclusively available on the CarTechBooks.com website when the book is released (scheduled release date is May 20, 2021). If you purchase an unsigned edition, once you receive the book, you may send it to us at Warren Johnson Enterprises (along with a pre-paid shipping label so that we may return it to you), and WJ will be happy to sign it.

Can the book be purchased directly from Warren Johnson Enterprises?
At this time, we do not have any plans to sell the book from our shop or to make copies available for purchase on-site. The book will be widely available online, and we encourage you to order via your preferred bookseller.

Who is publishing the book?
This book was arranged, published, and printed by CarTechBooks.com. We are honored to be part of their ongoing series of biographies. CarTech Books contracted writer Kelly Wade to author “Warren ‘The Professor’ Johnson: The Cars, People, & Wins Behind His Pro Stock Success.”

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