Racer Says: Quotes and Quips from the Strip

Drag racing in 2021 has kept a quick pace – one that has been refreshingly improved over last season’s fractured schedule – and with the increased track time, there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of racers weighing in on this or that. Check out this round-up of quotes from the first half of one heck of a year of racing.

“It’s all about improving and learning every round, every time you get in the car.” – Stock and Super Street racer Mike Epprecht, defining what it means to him to be successful in the sport
“First of all, I have to thank Dave LeBrun for selling me the car. It’s an honor to own it, and I know he was riding with me today.” – Epping Stock winner John Gray, referencing the historic ’69 Chevy Camaro he drove to a class win and then the AA/SA heads-up victory in the main event (photo courtesy of Auto Imagery)
“Division 1 has an assortment of great drivers to look up to. If I can be half as good as those guys, I’m doing okay.” – 2011 Stock Eliminator champion Joe Santangelo (near lane), who won Super Stock in Epping this season, then claimed the Stock trophy in Norwalk two weeks later (photo courtesy of Auto Imagery)
“We came to see Kyle Seipel; I love him, and this race is just awesome. It’s a real ‘racers race,’ so this definitely takes the cake. The Good Lord blessed me a lot, especially in the racing world, but this tops all of it.” – Bo Butner in Las Vegas in March, after winning the 2021 K&N Spring Fling Million (photo courtesy of Bo Butner Racing)
“Driving that car is so much fun. Now I know why Greg Anderson likes going testing so much. It’s just so fun to drive that you want to go out and make as many runs as you can.” – Decorated Sportsman racer turned Pro Stock Rookie of the Year contender Dallas Glenn (photo courtesy of NHRA)
“Originally, it was about the competition – and of course winning, but winning is hard to do nowadays. More than anything else, it’s because it’s like a family out here.” – Division 6 class racer Cal Method (right, with WFO Radio’s Joe Castello), on what’s kept him drag racing for 55 years
“What made the difference was Steve Boggs-horsepower and that Team Bartone. I pinch myself every time. I can’t believe I’m the one who gets to drive this rocket ship.” – Hussey Performance Top Alcohol Funny Car driver Sean Bellemeur, after winning the Four-Wide Nationals to claim his 23rd national event trophy and second of the season (photo courtesy of Alex Owens, Alkey Alex Photos/Auto Imagery)
“I’ve looked up to Heather since I was a kid. She and my dad [former Division 1 Super Gas champion Iggie Boicesco] both won Indy in 2006, and she’s always been my idol. Running Heather was the ultimate moment for me.” – Epping Super Comp winner Amanda Boicesco after facing Heather Fetch in the final round (photo courtesy of Auto Imagery)
“Even in losing, there is a lesson. You can see where you need to improve, what you could have done in that situation, and what you can do better next time.” – Second-generation class racer Matt Lisa, on managing the most difficult aspect of drag racing (photo courtesy of Diane Kubicke)
“The margins of victory are so slim, and it really normally boils down to who makes the fewest mistakes. Everybody out here is good, so the competition aspect is phenomenal.” – Stock Eliminator competitor Rachelle Thibert
“Be positive, enjoy yourself, and try to turn on some win lights. You’re not going to win every race, but as long as you feel like you’re competitive and you’re having a good time, you’re doing it right.” – 2005 Super Stock champion Hugh Meeks, on the approach he still strives to maintain (photo courtesy of Auto Imagery)
“This is the kind of event that we all talk about, and we want more. When a race like this happens, we’re going to travel to it.” – Class racer Austin Ford, at the inaugural Johnsons Horsepowered Garage Southern Sportsman Showdown, a special event catering solely to Stock and Super Stock racers

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