Progress and Projection with KB Racing Crew Chief Rob Downing


Progress report following the Summit Racing NHRA Nationals (race 7 of 18)
and ahead of the Mile-High NHRA Nationals at Bandimere Speedway

In Norwalk:
We left the track on Saturday night feeling good about race day. We were excited, we just didn’t get it done. We didn’t do a good job on Sunday of adapting to the right lane. The challenge was to keep lane choice, and we did not.

Overall grade:
I would say it was a C.

The game plan for Denver:
It was good to have some time off before this race so that we could work on a few things. Denver is always a challenge – it’s the hardest race we go to all year, as far as adapting. The list is a mile long [as far as how to adapt in order to race in those conditions]. We’ve looked over our notes and come up with what we think will be the best set-up.

Best Denver memory:
By a thousand percent, my best memory at Bandimere Speedway was in 2004. It was our first event with Summit Racing, and Greg won the race. That was huge. We put so much effort into getting everything together for that weekend – from making sure everything looked right with decals to running well and winning. It was something we’ll never forget.

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