Progress and Projection with KB Racing Crew Chief Rob Downing


Progress report following Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals (race 12 of 18) and ahead of the NHRA Countdown to the Championship playoffs

Indy wrap-up:
We made some changes with Greg’s Summit Racing Chevy Camaro and felt like we did the right things there, and it kind of worked more in that direction on Monday. It seemed to respond, so we’re cautiously optimistic and happy with that. It’s obviously not quite fast enough, so we need to keep working in that direction and get better. Jason slowed down in the semis as the conditions and track were getting worse, and we’re fighting that right now. We didn’t make the best run and overdid it a little bit in trying to make it safe, to speak. But his silver Summit Racing Chevy Camaro has been on point the last couple of races, and I’m super excited about that. Greg’s car is beyond frustrating; it just doesn’t act like the other ones do. Two plus two doesn’t equal four with that one, so we’ve got some figuring out to do with it.

Overall grade for Indy:
I thought coming in that Friday night was going to be the challenge, but it really wasn’t because it was cloudy. We did decent in qualifying and definitely gave ourselves a good chance to do well on raceday, we just didn’t execute well. I feel good that the silver Summit Racing Chevy, every run it was right there. It was the fastest or within thousandths of being the fastest. That’s what excites us, we have racecars that can win races. We just have to do our jobs and hopefully, things work out. I would give us a C. There were flashes of good things, but everybody has to do well if we’re going to grade much higher than that.

Outlook on the NHRA Countdown:
I kind of like that Reading is the first race of the Countdown. The game plan is always the same. The first race of the Countdown is more stressful than the last. It will build, but we need to do good. We’ve had years where we started off and won the first race, and that sets the tone. So, you just do as good as you can.

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