Progress and Projection with KB Racing Crew Chief Rob Downing


Progress report following Mopar Express Lane NHRA Nationals (race 1 of 6 in the NHRA Countdown to the Championship playoffs)
and before the NHRA Midwest Nationals in St. Louis

Reading wrap-up:
It was an exciting weekend, and it was a big deal for Jason Line to win that first race of the Countdown to the Championship with the silver Summit Racing Camaro. We definitely had some luck to get that to happen, but it’s a cool deal, for sure. Fernando Cuadra reaching the final round, that was long overdue for him, so we’re glad to see him have some success. He had some luck, too, but his Chevy Camaro was better, and we hope both those things continue through the Countdown. It would be great if Fernando could help us take out some of those top points cars like he did at Maple Grove.

We were on top of the world for Jason and the silver Summit Racing Camaro, but on the other side of that, we dropped the ball on Greg Anderson’s car. We thought we had things where they needed to be, and we just didn’t. We knew leaving that race that we had some serious things to figure out, and that was a lot of what we worked on before St. Louis. In simple terms, that car has just not been in its happy spot. You can’t make a mistake with it, and if you miss it by the littlest bit, it gets angry.

Overall grade for Reading:
Again, it was really good for the silver Summit Racing Chevy and we qualified well. But on Friday night in the good session, we just totally missed it with Greg’s car. After that, it’s just a snowball. Had we qualified better with his car, we might have had different results on Sunday. Overall, I would say we were between a C+ and B-.

The St. Louis challenge:
Really, the challenge with the silver Summit Racing Chevy will just be keeping the momentum. Knock on wood, we feel like we have a pretty good handle on it. The big challenge is getting the red car better and not putting ourselves behind the eight ball. We gotta be fast off the trailer.

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