Jack Line: The Camaro Project

Third generation muscle car enthusiast Jack Line is 13 years old, but he’s already had hold of his first project car for over a year. This winter, we’re going to walk you through his journey. Welcome to Jack Line: The Camaro Project.

Let’s get this series started by introducing our leading man.

Jack with dad Jason Line, following the Pro Stock win at Brainerd International Raceway in 2019

NHRA Pro Stock fans might recognize Jack from the racetrack. His dad is three-time Pro Stock champ Jason Line. Jack can often be found in the Summit Racing pits or working on Bo Butner’s KB Racing-powered Jim Butner Auto Group Chevy Chevrolet Camaro.

Q&A with Jack Line

First memory at the racetrack?
Probably my dad winning the championship in 2016. I was in the pits listening to the radio. I was shocked. Well, not really, but a little bit. It was fun. I was excited.

When did you start working with the team?
I didn’t actually want to be out here working, but I went with my dad to Houston in 2017, just me and him, and he made me work on Bo’s car. I liked it, though. It’s just fun, and I like racecars.

What do you do on Bo’s team?
I pack the parachutes, and I’ve built the transmission before and helped with the engine a little. I help with the clutch sometimes. Basically, I do anything they ask me to do.

What’s your favorite thing about being at the racetrack?
The cars. It’s fun working on them. That’s the best part. I ask my dad a lot of questions because I want to know every little detail. I like to ask questions. I’m very curious.

What do you do in your free time?
At home I weld a lot. That’s fun. I work on my car, and sometimes I go to the shop.

You have a ’68 Camaro at home, but is it really yours?
Yes. My dad and I found it, and I paid him $50 a week that I earned doing things like welding paper towel holders or cleaning the cars, helping Bo.

How’s the progress coming on your Camaro?
Progress is slow on my car, but I just got parts from Summit Racing not that long ago. It’s a ’68 Camaro with a 230 straight six cylinder. That’s what was in it when we got it, but we’ll probably switch it out. It’ll be a street car first, then maybe a racecar, but I’ll probably race a different car.

Stock or Pro Stock?
I really like them both the same. Maybe Pro Stock a little better.

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  1. That was the cuties interview ever. Jack loves his dad and family so much. It’s no wonder he wants to take after his and learn as much as he can from him. Jason is a smart man. I’m looking forward to seeing the progression of his Camaro and going for a ride in it. Go Jack.

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