Daren and Veronica Poole-Adams launch Rock-It Racing, encourage next generation of racers

Daren and Veronica Poole-Adams have a longstanding habit of sharing what brings them joy in order to enrich the lives of others. Daren, a lifelong drag racing enthusiast who accompanied his dad to Santa Pod Raceway in England before moving to the United States as a teen, knows first-hand how drag racing can have a positive impact on a child. Veronica – his wife of 30 years – loves the sport just as much, particularly the friends and racing family they have acquired through the years. With that community spirit in mind, the two have launched Rock-It Racing, a program born to inspire, encourage, and support the future of drag racing.

Daren (grey shirt) and Veronica Poole-Adams (center) with members of the Weets family

“We think it’s important to nurture the next generation of racers, and that’s really what we’re trying to do, in our own way,” said Daren, who owns a fleet of COPO Chevrolet Camaros and races Stock and Super Stock. “We want to keep drag racing alive, and we’re happy to do our part to make that happen.”

Close up of the Rock-It Racing logo on the hood of Daren Poole-Adams’ COPO Camaro

Although it’s only become official in this new year, Rock-It Racing has been quietly forming for years under the Poole-Adams Racing, Inc. umbrella. Daren and Veronica have often gathered children from church and within the community for a trip to the dragstrip to gain an understanding of the sport, from learning about the cars are in the pits to seeing them compete on the track. While Daren and Veronica have taken great joy in introducing the sport to anyone who has expressed a hint of interest, they’ve also signed on to sponsor racers already active in the Jr. Drag Racing League, most recently Midwest competitors Jeggie and Claire Weets.

Additionally, they are committed long-term to the Jr. program of young Langdon Foley. The six-year-old son of racers Brooke and Steve Foley, who drives one of the couple’s COPO Camaros, is the reason behind the Rock-It Racing name. Unable to pronounce “Ms. Veronica” when he first met her several years ago, he called her “Ms. Rock-It.” She’s been known as such ever since.

Daren and Veronica have used Lucas Oil products in the Poole-Adams Racing, Inc. racecars for years and are proud to have recently formed an official partnership with the brand. Daren says that young racers should not be surprised to see him randomly walk up with Lucas Oil for their Jr. dragsters. For Daren and Veronica, it’s just one more way that they can carry out the Rock-It Racing mission of supporting the next generation of drag racers.

Daren Poole-Adams at the Circle K NHRA Four Wide Nationals with the Rock-It Racing logo on the hood. Photo: Auto Imagery

“You know, we’ve lived a blessed life,” said Poole-Adams. “If this is what I get to do, I’m not going to miss out on anything. I want to do the best that I can, and I want to leave a positive mark.”

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